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Dynamic Portal Filters With Multiple Criteria

Create a dynamically filtered portal with multiple filter criteria with two (or more) global fields, portal filtering and a script trigger calling a simple script to refresh the page. This article expands on the technique used in the previous article, Dynamic Portal Filtering While You Type.

Dynamic Portal Filtering While You Type

With portal filters, you can now show filtered views of related records in portals without having to define new relationships. What’s better than that? How about dynamically filtering your portal data while you’re typing letters into your search field! With a very simple script (4 steps), a custom function and a script trigger, you can search data in your FileMaker portals the same way you search for music in iTunes!

FileMaker Pro Custom Function – Global Search and Replace

This article, reprinted from one I submitted to Ezine Articles, discusses the creation of a Search and Replace function similar to the built-in Substitute function. Though it may not be practical to duplicate the functionality of this function, the article serves as a learning tool for creating recursive custom functions in FileMaker Pro Advanced. The […]