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How To Merge FileMaker Files

You may already know that merging FileMaker Pro database files can be a tedious and challenging process. After copying, you could spend hours fixing broken links, missing fields, remapping buttons, etc. For this reason, many people simply choose to maintain multiple files even when that may not be the ideal or preferred setup. With the […]

Instant Messaging In FileMaker – No Plugins or Internet Access Required

Note: This article was written many years ago (2011), and although the basic principles still apply, the solution may not work perfectly with the newest versions of FileMaker. It shows you how to build a product that we sell: Triple-i Messenger. The product has since been updated and is now more feature rich, cleaner and […]

Alarm Clocks – Dynamic Multi-Threading with Web Viewers

With a FileMaker Pro Web Viewer and a little bit of JavaScript code, you can create a FileMaker Pro native alarm clock that updates every second: no plugins, no distracting refreshes and no affect on performance. This article follows up on the previous article, Countdown Timers – Dynamic Multi-Threading with Web Viewers. I recommend that […]

Countdown Timers – Multi-Threading With Web Viewers

In FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker introduced OnTimer scripts which allow us to trigger a script to be run after a specified period of time. OnTimer scripts are great for implementing delays, timed refreshes and a whole host of possibilities yet to be discovered. However, one drawback that I have run into is that when the […]

Dynamic Portal Filters With Multiple Criteria

Create a dynamically filtered portal with multiple filter criteria with two (or more) global fields, portal filtering and a script trigger calling a simple script to refresh the page. This article expands on the technique used in the previous article, Dynamic Portal Filtering While You Type.

Dynamic Portal Filtering While You Type

With portal filters, you can now show filtered views of related records in portals without having to define new relationships. What’s better than that? How about dynamically filtering your portal data while you’re typing letters into your search field! With a very simple script (4 steps), a custom function and a script trigger, you can search data in your FileMaker portals the same way you search for music in iTunes!

Google-like Search Through Relationship Filtering

This article describes a script-less technique for using dynamic relationships and portals to search values in a related table using a single global field. It is a part of a series on Advanced Search Interfaces. This technique produces an interface similar to the Google-like Search described in previous articles in this series, but instead of […]